The poultry industry in India is now fighting a disinformation campaign about usage of hormones, steroids in raising chickens. This has led to decreased sales of chicken amidst fears of side-effects of obesity, early onset of puberty and anti-microbial resistance after eating injected birds, being spread through social media networks.

Usage of hormones, steroids

As part of this thriving industry, we would like to dispel the common unfounded fears and myths prevailing nowadays regarding breeding of chickens. Some of the common myths are:

Increased size of Broiler chickens in 40 days

Antibiotics that are given to birds are purely only…

Have you wanted to raise chickens and start a poultry farm? Then the first step is to buy chickens! (Or eggs, depending on which you think comes first!)

Being a trusted marketplace for some of the best breeds of chicken and other forms of poultry and aquaculture, we at want to share our wisdom on the 4 ways in which you can start your journey and what we think about each of these methods. At the end of the day, every chicken you buy is an investment. Get the maximum ROI by taking an informed decision.

This is perhaps…

The ever-rising demand for protein-rich poultry meat and associated products has made poultry farming one of the most profitable businesses today. Some even consider it the fastest growing sector of the Indian economy. The spirit of poultry farming is so good that even COVID did not waver its growth.

However, on the flipside it has also become one of the most competitive areas of farming due to its popularity. For a successful poultry farming business, a good plan is important. …

Kadaknath is a protein-rich breed of chicken native to India. It’s name comes from the black colour that is carries due to the deposition of melanin pigment .

The kadaknath breed can thrive in extreme weather conditions, making it perfect for Indian climate. It has string immunity and high resilience to diseases. This makes this special chicken breed low-maintanence and high-return.

Locally called Kalimasi — the fowl with black flesh — the Kadaknath is considered a premium breed and its meat is priced three times more than that of broiler chicken.

Kadaknath chicken mainly originated in Jhabua district of Madhya…

Among various species of poultry, ducks are hardy and prolific in nature and can generate good income with minimum investment if good practices of rearing, breeding are followed systematically. There is an urgent need to make the farmers of our country aware about these practices so that they can increase their income and livelihood.

They are usually raised in open water, centralized enclosure near a fish pond or in the pond itself according to land and space available.

The common good husbandry practices to be followed for breeding, rearing is:

1.Selection of ducks and stocking

*The kind of duck to…

Over 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water and humans have realized its importance as a resource. In pursuit of reaping its many benefits, Aqaculture — the process of rearing, breeding and harvesting of aquatic species, both animals and plants, in controlled aquatic environments has started to gain ground.

With multiple advantages like increased food production, restoration of threatened/endangered species populations, and habitat restoration, Aquaculture is a great method of farming.

Here are a list of why you need to consider it soon:

Economic Benefits

1. Alternative Food Sources that is Healthy

Fish and other seafood are great…

Aquaculture is a regulated method of growing marine creatures for human food, and is similar to agriculture, but with fish instead of plants or animals. It is also known as seafood farming and can take place in any body of water — oceans, seas, rivers, and even on land in tanks, ponds.

How is Aquaculture practiced?

Aquaculture methods are different with different marine creatures. Usually, there are four stages of production, starting in aqua farms, ponds and ending at the seafood counter in retail stores, shops.

The first stage in the aquaculture factory is where the breeding of fish, hatching…

Cutting costs and saving on expenses has become almost inevitable for poultry farmers to survive the impact of the Covid pandemic. But even beyond the current situation, it always helps to make more profits. In the years to come, it may be important to focus on these following 5 broad areas in order to save money and increase revenue.

1.Reuse and Recycle

In a farm, there are always items that we consider waste. But what we fail to realize is that some of these can actually be used again for a different purpose. The first thing which comes to mind…

Did you know that many common foods we eat can be unhealthy for a bird’s digestive system and can even be poisonous? Human foods are meant only for our metabolism and chemical composition.

It’s important to understand that certain foods are dangerous or even toxic for birds and poultry — and that not all birds are the same in what they can and cannot eat. Just like how not all people have the same reactions to a certain food, the same is true for birds.

Here are 5 foods to avoid if you want to raise healthy, long-lived and productive…

Beak trimming is a routine process for newly hatched chicks or when they are a few days old. When beak trimming is done very early, feather pecking may recur later and trimming has to be repeated. The trimming only reduces the efficiency of pecking and the damage. It should be done by trained staff when the birds are 7–10 days old as mistakes can be painful and increase the stress and suffering of birds

If too much beak is removed it can result in tumors and scarring of tissue. The beak is trimmed at an angle for one-third to one…


Aqgromalin is a farm diversification integrator. We aim to increase farmer income, by enabling them to diversify into Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture.

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