In India, goat farming is highly profitable as it requires minimum investment. As Goat farming involves the raising and breeding of all domestic goats, it can be done in small to large industrial scale. A branch of animal husbandry, Goats are farmed mainly for their meat, milk, fiber, and skin…

In the world of poultry farming, nutritious feed forms an important aspect of rearing healthy birds. Soybean meal and yellow corn are usually used due to their high fiber and protein content. However, the durability of corn as a sustained feed source is in question due to a rapid increase…

Rearing goats have been part of traditional farming as goats are profitable means of milk, meat and leather. In India, especially, goat farming is seeing a rise in popularity today, due to the numerous health benefits, a new lifestyle dependent on meat and an increased purchasing power for leather goods.


Aqgromalin is a farm diversification integrator. We aim to increase farmer income, by enabling them to diversify into Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture.

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